Changes Coming to Canadian Firearms Courses on July 1st

The RCMP, which is responsible for managing the Canadian Firearms Program, has advised provincial authorities that new course and exam material for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course will be made available on March 31.

In Ontario,the planned implementation date set by the Chief Firearms Officer is July 1st, should the materials be received by the end of March.

The impact for students is that the student handbooks currently published and available, which have already been made out of date by recent changes to firearms laws, may not be suitable for courses scheduled after July 1st.

If you are registered or thinking about registering for a course before July, and are borrowing books from another person or have downloaded the current books from another source, you will not be affected.  However, after the new materials are implemented, current books may not contain up-to-date information that corresponds with the course format and materials.

For this reason, when booking for a course scheduled after July 1st, you should be mindful to include books in your registration.

At this time, we do not anticipate any rise in costs for the course or materials, but will make an announcement if this is the case.