Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) response notice

As you are no doubt probably aware, COVID-19 is a disease caused by a novel coronavirus infection that causes acute respiratory illness. In some individuals, especially older persons, the illness can be severe. Like most infectious respiratory illnesses, it can even cause death.

There is no current vaccine to prevent COVID-19, and currently government health advice has been to reduce public contact as much as possible, in order to reduce the chance of spreading the infection within the community.

Effective March 21, 2020, the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) of Ontario has ordered all certified CFSC/CRFSC instructors to cease delivering these courses effective on that date until further notice. No CFSC/CRFSC courses will be run anywhere in the Province of Ontario as a result of this order from the CFO.

We are hopeful that normal operations may resume shortly, but in the interest of public health and safety, and to comply with the order, we are postponing all currently scheduled courses, and will not add our additional 2020 dates for registration until the CFO has authorized resumption.

I have booked a course. Is it still going to run?

No, not at this time. You will be contacted regarding rescheduling of your course is short order. April registrants will be contacted immediately. Those registered on a later course will be contacted approximately 4 weeks prior to the course, unless the CFO has resumed normal operations, in which case your course will proceed as planned.

I am concerned about being exposed to COVID-19, and want to cancel or reschedule a course I have booked. Can I do this?

YES! We will happily reschedule you or offer you a full refund. We are waiving our 48 hour notice period, meaning there will be no penalty for requesting a cancellation or rescheduling right up until the time the course starts.

We can reschedule to any later course on our website, or indefinitely. Please allow 72 hours for refunds to be processed.

Will COVID-19 impact how long it takes to get my course reports back after a course, and delay my application for a firearms licence?

We understand from FSESO they they are still receiving and processing the course packages sent by instructors as normal. Be aware that there may be postal service disruptions due to COVID-19 that could cause unforseen delays in the packages being received by FSESO, or being sent back to the student.

We are unable to answer whether there will be delays to firearm licence applications, and recommend you call 1-800-731-4000, or go to for further information.

I am not feeling well, should I still come to class?

No, absolutely not. Even before COVID-19, and after normal operations resume again, we always preferred that students who do not feel well contact us and request to reschedule. We always waived our administrative fee for cancellations and rescheduling when a student was unwell or had any type of family emergency, as we try our best to accommodate our customers.

If you have a fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, or feel general malaise, you should not come and instead contact us right away to request rescheduling. You can call 1-800-595-0988 or email

I have registered, but want to make a payment in person at the office. Is it still open?

No. Do not attend our office or reception to complete a payment at this time. We will not be completing any further payments, even for existing unconfirmed registrations, until we are authorized to resume operations by the CFO.

Cancellation / Change Form

Use this form if you wish to cancel your registration and receive a refund or credit, or wish to reschedule your registration to a later date. Check our list of courses online for the one you wish to book.