CZ and Swiss Arms Reclassification Regulation Published


The regulation for CZ and Swiss Arms reclassification of certain rifles, and their variants, as non-restricted firearms, which we announced previously, has been published in the Canada Gazette, the official publication of the Government of Canada.

The instrument, published as “SOR/2015-213” and dated July 31, 2015, describes the history of the CZ 858 and Swiss Arms rifles, and how they came to become regarded as prohibited firearms following a technical determination by the RCMP, which is responsible for administering Canada’s firearms laws, including the Firearms Act.

Significantly, one of the reasons why the rifles had been made prohibited by the RCMP was because several rifles they examined had included parts that were from a similar but fully automatic and prohibited version of the rifle.  In making the reclassification, the backgrounder in the regulation states that it is not logical to prohibit a firearm based on the presence of a part that had also been used in another prohibited firearm, as this could apply to almost any part – firing pin, screw, trigger, etc., which would effectively render almost any firearm prohibited.

Bill C-42, which recently was made law, added a definition of “non-restricted firearm” (which was previously defined only by reference to firearms that were no either restricted or prohibited) as including any firearm prescribed by regulations to be a non-restricted firearm.  The government at that time stated that they intended to reclassify the CZ 858 and Swiss Arms rifles as non-restricted firearms using an order-in-council, or regulation.

The regulation, which took effect the day it was passed, renders 15 previously prohibited rifles as now non-restricted, meaning that any person with a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) can own or acquire one, and no additional authorizations are required to transport or carry them.  The full list of those rifles is found here, and below:

  1. Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) Model CZ858 Tactical-2P rifle
  2. Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) Model CZ858 Tactical-2V rifle
  3. Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) Model CZ858 Tactical-4P rifle
  4. Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) Model CZ858 Tactical-4V rifle
  5. SAN Swiss Arms Model Classic Green rifle
  6. SAN Swiss Arms Model Classic Green carbine
  7. SAN Swiss Arms Model Classic Green CQB rifle
  8. SAN Swiss Arms Model Black Special rifle
  9. SAN Swiss Arms Model Black Special carbine
  10. SAN Swiss Arms Model Black Special CQB rifle
  11. SAN Swiss Arms Model Black Special Target rifle
  12. SAN Swiss Arms Model Blue Star rifle
  13. SAN Swiss Arms Model Heavy Metal rifle
  14. SAN Swiss Arms Model Red Devil rifle
  15. SAN Swiss Arms Model Swiss Arms Edition rifle