Finally, a Non-Restricted “AR” Style Rifle

Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply recently announced that their new “AR-style” semi-auto rifle, the Modern Varmint, was approved by the RCMP as a non-restricted rifle.  This is the first and only non-restricted rifle on the Canadian market that has the look and feel of a modern sporting rifle based on the familiar Armalite platform, which is normally restricted or prohibited in Canada.

The Modern Varmint rifle is currently only available in .223 Wylde (which will accept both .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO ammunition), but has many options for stock and finish, and despite having little similarity with the AR-15 and other variants, it uses the same standardized magazines.

Although the rifle’s receiver is proprietary, which allowed it to be differentiated from the AR sufficiently for non-restricted classification, many of the parts are modular and can accept other AR rifle accessories and furniture.

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This rifle does not come cheap, and nor should a precision machine such as this. The Calgary-based company is retailing these match-grade rifles for $3,200, with some options such as the proof CF style barrel adding $900 to the total.  Accessory rails and handguards can add hundreds more.

Those salivating to take one to the range are in for a bit of a wait – ATRS expected to have them ready for shipping and delivery by spring of 2016.

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