Firearms Safety (Youth)

Course Description

New for 2016, we are offering the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and test for youth aged 12-17, specifically for responsible minors who are not yet 18 years of age to learn about non-restricted firearms safety, and to use non-restricted firearms.

For this course, we introduce youth to firearms that are easy to handle and learn about safely. As always, the firearms used are disabled and cannot discharge ammunition, ensuring a safe opportunity to practice safe handling. But, especially for the Firearms Safety (Youth) course, we use smaller firearms that are also easier for this age group to learn with.

Students will learn about basic firearms safety, locking devices, ammunition safety, practical and safe handling skills such as loading and unloading, using firearms outdoors and at shooting clubs, safe storage/transportation/display regulations, and social responsibilities.

Youths who have not yet reached age 18 who successfully pass this course may apply to the RCMP to obtain a Minor’s Licence, which allows young users to borrow firearms for use in hunting, target practice, and organized shooting competitions. Minor’s Licence holders may not purchase firearms for themselves, but may purchase ammunition depending on the particular rules for their province.

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