Government Moves Up C-42 Implementation Dates

Several provisions brought in under Bill C-42, which amended several Canadian firearms laws, that were originally to be implemented at a later date will now become effective sooner, according to a recent news release.

At the end of last month, the Government of Canada announced that the conversion of POL (possession only licences) and the merging of ATTs (authorizations to transport) for most common activities into the individual licences will now take place September 2, 2015.

Bill C-42 was introduced by the Conservatives under Stephen Harper as part of a promise made to the firearms community to reduce the red-tape surrounding firearms ownership, and to focus on criminal misuse of firearms instead of law-abiding gun owners.

A significant number of POL holders still remain, unable to purchase, borrow or inherit firearms. These licence holders will see their existing POLs automatically convert to PALs  (possession and acquisition licences), on the date of implementation.

Likewise, the need for a separate ATT issued by a provincial Chief Firearms Officer will be eliminated for most common restricted firearms transporting activities, including transfers, taking a gun to an approved shooting range, gun store or gunsmith, and certain other activities.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association has posted the full government news release here: