New CFSC Courses Begin July 13

The Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario has announced to certified firearms safety course instructors in the province that the implementation date for the new Canadian Firearms Safety Course program is July 13, 2016.

This means that all courses taught in the province starting on that date must be with the new course and exam material, which the RCMP has released to the instructor community.

Most importantly for those who are looking to take a firearms safety course, there will be no change to our pricing or the length of the course.  For most CFSC courses, with 10 students or less, we will be able to deliver the course over 8 hours.  For CRFSC courses with 10 or less, the course length stays at 4 hours.  Examination time is added, and larger courses are also longer.

There will be significant changes to the student handbooks, and the exam material.  For students considering using a friend of family member’s student handbook, be aware that the current version will now be out of date and may not be relevant for the new course material.