Rare Apology from Police for 2008 Silvercore Raid

Silvercore Advanced Training Systems, a Delta, BC-based firearms training academy which delivers firearm safety and hunting courses from locations all over the Lower Mainland, has earned a rare apology from RCMP over an earlier police investigation.

In 2008, RCMP executed search warrants after receiving information from Canadian Firearms Centre personnel. Owner Travis Bader was arrested and police seized multiple firearms, ostensibly as part of a larger anti-gang investigation.

However, according to media reports, two years after the raid one of the officers leading the investigation was himself charged with breach of trust, drug and firearm offenses.  The investigation unraveled and, as was clear from the RCMP inspector’s letter of apology to Travis Bader last week, there was never any reasonable grounds to support charges against Silvercore or Bader, admitting his arrest was “wrongful.”

Crown counsel stayed the criminal charges, and the matter was to proceed to a civil trial last week. However, the government finally reached a confidential settlement with Bader and the firearms training business, part of the terms of which resulted in an almost unheard of written apology.

Silvercore has been in operation since 2003 and provides CFSC, CRFSC, CORE and advanced marksmanship training in BC. Many of its instructors and students are curently serving law enforcement officers.