Tactical Rifle Made for Canadian Market

One of the difficulties in finding a good tactical rifle in the Canadian market is that so many of them are classified as “restricted” and thus, require authorizations to transport, and may only be fired at approved shooting ranges.

These popular rifles are common for some shooting sports, such as IPSC “3-gun” matches, but because of their restricted class, target practice outside of a shooting range is difficult. For some sports shooters, the ability to practice safely in a non-range environment is an important consideration, for example on rural property where firearms use is permitted.

Enter the Robinson Armament XCR-M semi-auto rifle. This wonderful rifle is classified as “non-restricted” in Canada, despite it’s appearance being similar to that of a restricted-class semi-auto rifle.

Chambered in .308 Winchester, the rifle is practical for both hunting and competitive target shooting.

Robinson Armament XCR-M Semi-Auto Rifle | Cabela’s Canada $3,229.99


Despite it’s external appearance, the rifle shares no derivative parts and is not interchangeable with its restricted-class cousins, such as the AR-15 platform rifles. This advantage comes at a hefty price tag, and it remains one of the more expensive additions to your gun safe available.

But with the big cost come big advantages: It is modular and can accept different sized upper receivers for different barrel lengths and calibres. The hand-guard accepts popular accessories, such as bi-pods and other tactical rifle add-ons.

Available at Cabela’s, and other Canadian retailers, to those with a non-restricted PAL, the rifle is destined to find its way into many shooter’s collections across the country.

A reliable rifle that is just as at home on the target range as at the hunter’s field, this rifle should be a high priority as a centrepiece of any collection.