two shotguns in truck gun rack

Having a Truck Gun – Preparedness for uncertain times

For some time now, many legal gun owners have taken to carrying a “truck gun” – even here in Canada. Now with Coronavirus scares, we are seeing reports of an increase on gun and ammunition sales as concerned preppers stock up “just in case”. With more news coverage these days about viral pandemics, this may […]

“Restricted” Firearm Misinformation

There has been much discussion during the recent months, and especially during the current election period, about potential handgun bans and “restricted” firearms. We frequently get queries during our training courses about these topics and the impact that any legislative changes may have on firearm ownership in Canada.

Government Moves Up C-42 Implementation Dates

Several provisions brought in under Bill C-42, which amended several Canadian firearms laws, that were originally to be implemented at a later date will now become effective sooner, according to a recent news release.