Turkey Season Opens October 14. Feel the Rush.

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She’s been sitting in the chilled forest air for hours, her back against the tree, patiently waiting. Dismissing the aches and pains, her eyes searching the barren trees and listening for a ruslte of leaves.  Her steady breathing and the occasional breeze through the woods are the only sounds she hears.

She’s ready for Turkey season, are you? Hover the image for links to the right gear you’ll need for October 14th.


Then, a rustle. Some movement. Slowly, she scans the distance. A flash of something brown, moving closer. And closer. There it is, slowly walking out from behind a tree – it’s head a pale blue, it’s beard a deep crimson. It’s what she has been waiting for all morning in the crisp, cool fall air.

Slowly, she raises her shotgun.  Her pulse begins to race but she takes slow, steady, controleld breaths to keep herself under control. Her insticts take over. If it was a little over to the left it would be his. But this one came out right in front of her. It’s all hers.

Turkey Season Opens in Ontario on October 14th. Hunter Safety and Turkey Courses opening soon, check our course listings here. Do you have the course and the gear you need?