Unflinching: Why You Need To Read This Book

Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper is the candid, first-hand story of elite Canadian Forces sniper MCpl Jody Mitic in Afghanistan. In the book, his autobiography which is released online tomorrow, Jody describes in vivid detail his arduous training, operating in challenging conditions against a battle-hardened Taliban enemy force, and ultimately the events leading to his harrowing landmine injury.

This is a truly inspirational memoir, where Jody allows the reader to share in his world as he lived it.  Through twenty years of military service, developing the necessary skills to be one of Canada’s deadliest snipers, who deployed to Afghanistan over three tours in seven years.

Jody can motivate as only a master corporal can — after losing both legs in a 2007 landmine incident, and facing the chilling prospect of never being able to do the one thing he was so good at, soldiering, Jody showed how his indefatigable willpower would drive him to overcome adversity, not only to walk again, but to run and compete in the Amazing Race Canada.

Jody was elected a city councillor in Ottawa in the last municipal elections and now serves his country and community in a more interpersonal capacity.  He truly inspires others and few serving Canadian soldiers do not look to him as an example of the timeless miltary ethos – lead by example.

Buy the book here: Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper