Featured Training Gun: Maverick 88


On our Canadian Firearms Safety Course, you will have the opportunity to learn to safely handle, inspect, load and unload many types of commonly available firearms.  One of the most widely available types of firearms in Canada is the pump action shotgun.

Maverick 88Used by hunters, sport shooters and law enforcement for many decades, the pump action shotgun is a versatile workhorse firearm that can adapt to any situation or requirement often simply by changing the type of ammunition used. With easy to replace barrels, the variety of uses expands.

When we first got our Maverick 88 pump action shotgun, to use in the non-restricted portion of our courses, it came with a 30-inch barrel.  We would jokingly refer to it as our anti-aircraft gun.  With such a giant barrel, it resembled a WW2 artillery piece.  Some of our smaller stature students had some difficulty in completing the ACTS/PROVE steps, particularly the bore examination, which has to be done by inspecting the bore from the muzzle.  On a 30-inch barrel this is quite a challenge.

We recently replaced our barrel with the very short and manageable 18.5-inch barrel, and thereby converted our reliable pump gun to a Maverick 88 Security.  This pump action will happily accept both 2¾ and 3 inch shotgun shells, and has an easy focus bead sight.

Our students on our last class in Mississauga absolutely loved it!  And, if you are in the market for a reliable and reasonably priced pump action shotgun, we think you will love it too.