Featured Training Gun: Smith & Wesson M&P

When you take one of our Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Courses, you will have an opportunity to safely handle a selection of handguns commonly available to appropriately licenced Canadians.

SW-MP40 (583x593)One of the handguns we frequently feature as our restricted semi-automatic action is the Smith & Wesson M&P, or “Military & Police” in .40 S&W calibre.

This full-sized pistol is very lightweight and easy to handle, and fits comfortably in most sizes of hands.  Using ACTS/PROVE, it takes only a few moments to “clear” the pistol and ensure that it is unloaded.

One of the reasons we selected this particular pistol is because of its growing popularity amongst Ontario law enforcement agencies and security companies.  It is the currently the pistol of choice for Peel Regional Police, Halton Regional Police, and Brinks.  Like the police duty version, ours has the Trijicon sight system — though we rarely get a chance to test them out, as we like to keep the lights on during our courses!

With many of our students seeking their firearms licence for the purposes of employment in a law enforcement field, we thought it sensible to introduce them early to a handgun they might expect to carry and use should they be successful in obtaining their chosen future occupation.

Even for our students who are only interested in competitive shooting, the M&P is a great introduction to semi-auto handgun handling, as it has features and controls common to many modern makes of pistol.

We invite our appropriately licenced readers to head down to your local Smith & Wesson retailer, or one of the many online retailers such as Cabela’s, and try an M&P.  We think you’ll like it — just like we do!

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