Just Launched: CFSC/CRFSC Courses For Women

Now, women can take a firearms safety course in a comfortable classroom environment with other women at GTAGunSafety.com, as we have today launched a Women-only CFSC/CRFSC course scheduled for later next year.

girl shooting gun at a range
More women are getting involved in shooting sports

Our first female-only courses will run September 16/17, 2023. Women and girls aged 12-17 can take the 1-day CFSC portion only, or for women aged 18 and over, both the CFSC and restricted CRFSC courses needed to obtain a Canadian firearm licence.

In addition, to those who book by March 1, 2023, the promo code GUNSAFEGIRLS will enable registrants to get 20% off the cost of whichever course option they book.

Our women’s only course, and the limited time discount, aims to promote getting more women interested in safe, fun shooting sports. Women make a vital contribution to society and we at GTAGunSafety.com want to recognize and reward their contribution with this special offer.

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