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    Canada’s Handgun Ban: What You Need To Know

    This article contains information about proposed legislative changes that was accurate on May 31, 2022. Changes may have occurred since then and the information may now be out of date. The article is archived and intended for information purposes only. On May 30, 2022, the Prime Minister of Canada announced a sweeping new gun control bill, Bill C-21, which will have a large impact on individual firearm ownership. The most important thing to know about this Bill is that it is not yet law.

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    Carry an IFAK

    Many shooters today, particularly those with military or policing experience, know the value in carrying an individual first aid kit, or “IFAK”. But every shooter should consider carrying one, given that sometimes accidents happen and life-saving medical assistance can be minutes away when seconds count. What goes in to an IFAK to make it effective are the bare-bones basic trauma management items that will give the greatest chance to save a life in the rare event of a firearms injury.

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    The Impact of Bill C-71

    The Liberal government has proposed legislation that will impact firearms owners in Canada. While the details of the proposed Bill C-71 may yet change, it is important for those currently licenced to own firearms, and those considering obtaining a licence in the near future, to consider the possible changes that may happen should the legislation pass. CZ858 and Swiss Arms Rifles Return to Prohibited Class The popular CZ858 and Swiss Army Classic Green rifles were at first non-restricted rifles in the Canadian market, until an RCMP review re-classified them as prohibited. At that time, many who owned the rifles were concerned that the change would result in a need to…

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    Bringing Firearms to the US

    A question that is often asked in our CFSC/CRFSC classes is “can I bring a firearm into the US?”  The simple answer is: yes, you can! Canadians who lawfully own firearms may apply for a permit to temporarily import firearms into the US for certain valid purposes.  Generally, those purposes are hunting, and to attend a competitive shooting event or gun show.  In the recent past, applicants completing the ATF Form 6NIA, the form required for temporary import, would have to provide proof of one of these authorized activities.

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    Quebec to Create Provincial Gun Registry

    Quebec has tabled legislation today to introduce a Quebec Gun Registry, it has been reported. The federal government had maintained a national firearm registration system for all firearms since the 1990s, but in 2012 the long-gun portion was abolished. However, Quebec fought a lengthy court battle to preserve the long gun registry data as it applied to Quebec residents.  The province was ultimately defeated at the Supreme Court of Canada, in a ruling earlier this year. The Quebec government has now introduced Bill 64, the Firearms Registration Act.  Under the law, if passed, all non-restricted firearms in Quebec would once again require registration, this time with the provincial public security…

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    Building a Better Range Bag

    Whether you are a casual target shooter, a hopeful competitive shooter, or an armed professional who likes to hit the range for practice time, having a well-organized range bag stocked with the right items makes your trips to the range more efficient, allowing you to focus your time on getting rounds down range.

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    Featured Training Gun: Ruger New Model Blackhawk

    We pride ourselves on offering a selection of modern training aids representative of firearms you can actually find available on the sport shooting market in Canada. And when it comes to single action revolvers, one of the most iconic and reliable is the Ruger New Model Blackhawk.

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    Restricted Course Age Policy Change

    The Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) for Ontario has announced a change in the age policy for students wishing to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course.  This policy change took effect on July 17, 2015, and has been communicated to all certified Ontario firearms instructors through the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario (FSESO). All students who wish to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC), and the related exam, must now be at least 18 years of age in order to do so.  Previously, a student could take the course, but not the test, regardless of age, and they could take the test once they were within 6…

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    Featured Training Gun: Maverick 88

      On our Canadian Firearms Safety Course, you will have the opportunity to learn to safely handle, inspect, load and unload many types of commonly available firearms.  One of the most widely available types of firearms in Canada is the pump action shotgun.

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    One Accessory You Can Never Have Too Many Of

    When you purchase a pistol from most retailers, you will normally receive the firearm and two pistol magazines.  With the regulations in Canada which control cartridge magazine capacities limiting you to just 10 rounds, you quickly find that pistol magazines are the one accessory you need more of.