Saskatchewan Introduces Provincial Firearms Act

The government of Saskatchewan announced new legislation intended to protect “lawful firearms owners” the province said in an announcement on December 1, 2022.

Among the new legislation’s powers are a requirement that businesses or individuals “involved in firearms expropriation” be licenced, and a requirement for ballistic testing of seized firearms.

Saskatchewan introduced their own Chief Firearms Officer under the Saskatchewan Firearms Office in 2021, ending their use of the RCMP to fulfil the role. The new legislation and its regulations would be administered by that office.

While the legislation, tabled as Bill 117, has not yet become law, the novel power to require a licence to expropriate firearms could frustrate efforts by the federal level of government in any future firearms confiscation contemplated under pending federal legislation, by requiring seizures to be made only by persons holding a provincial licence, and imposing strict transport and storage requirements on seizure agents.

The news release issued by the province can be found here:

A link to the current text of the legislation may be found here: