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    Getting a US “Carry Permit”

    Many Canadians travel to the United States for leisure, to study, and to work. In many cases, those travellers have concerns about their personal safety and are aware that some jurisdictions allow for qualified individuals to carry a firearm for self-protection. The idea is usually foreign to Canadians, because self-protection “carry” is not common here. When Canadian gun owners do carry a firearm for protecting their life, it is almost always in the context of travel or work in remote areas where dangerous wildlife such as bears are a serious concern and animal attacks can be deadly. It is for this reason that many government officials working in remote areas…

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    Bringing Firearms to the US

    A question that is often asked in our CFSC/CRFSC classes is “can I bring a firearm into the US?”  The simple answer is: yes, you can! Canadians who lawfully own firearms may apply for a permit to temporarily import firearms into the US for certain valid purposes.  Generally, those purposes are hunting, and to attend a competitive shooting event or gun show.  In the recent past, applicants completing the ATF Form 6NIA, the form required for temporary import, would have to provide proof of one of these authorized activities.