This Hunting Season, Bring a Better Map

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One of the most valuable resources a hunter can have when in Ontario’s back country – besides their gun and their hunting licence – is a good map.

Many of the best WMUs (wildlife management units) are in more remote reaches of the province, and where Google Maps just doesn’t cut it.

A suite of products offered by BC-based Backroad Mapbooks provide a complete solution to back country way finding, not only valuable for hunters, but other outdoors enthusiasts as well. From wall maps to map books to GPS maps, they can provide what you need.

We looked at their suite of Ontario hunting maps and we very impressed. They cover all of the WMUs in the province, and each features not only the boundaries and main access points, but also logging roads, trails, and campsites that paint a valuable picture for hunters. Hunting restricted areas, private land and Crown land are all depicted on these 8.5×11 spiral bound maps.

If you are looking for maps before you head outdoors this hunting season – and we suggest you should be – look no further than Backroad Mapbooks product line.